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At Barn & Field we focus on balance in all facets of life.  We do not believe in restrictive diet plans that eliminate "bad actors" and leave us starved both physically and satisfactorily.  We encourage balancing nutrition and exercise with mental wellness and stress management to achieve our goals.  Here we will give you the tools to achieve your goals for a lifetime!

Nutrition consulting

Certified in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and pursuing an MS in Nutrition Science, Chef Casey will work with you personally to assess your overall dietary needs and design a meal program to improve your overall health whether it be for personal goals or medically recommended by a professional.

Physical Wellness

As a coach and athlete for 20 plus years allow Chef Casey to design an exercise program in tandem with balanced nutrition that will give you the tools to carry your wellness journey for the rest of your life!

" You can either be achy, sore and unable to get out of your chair in your old age, or you can be achy and sore because you can.  I choose the latter"   - CB

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